Work Together

Do you feel unorganized, scattered, reactionary, or overwhelmed with finances? Do you understand money coming in or going out and how to organize and use this information? Do you budget or do cash flow and tax planning?

The most valuable resources as a business owner are time, money and health.

Often health professionals believe their finances are taken care of through annual financial statements and tax returns. Having your professional financial information available to you and using this information timely will differentiate you as a business owner.

Working together, you will have a better understanding of your financial position, a positive financial outlook that aligns with your goals, increased awareness and reduced stress.

Let’s put systems in place that allows your business to operate smoothly and consistently so that you can focus on patient care and growing your business.

There are different ways we can work together. Let’s connect to determine the best option.

What areas of your business do you struggle with?



We will set you up on cloud based accounting software for your professional finances and have your transactions taken care of for you. Enjoy a monthly digest summarizing money coming and money going out for your business.



Receive your monthly digest and key highlights or observations that you can consider as you strategize for your business. This may also include personal coaching with opportunities to discuss your professional finances, best business practices, share ideas and have accountability.



Keeping your revenues and expenses on track through budgeting, incorporating paying down debt and understanding your financial position both now and in the future.

We will continue to provide information and resources to create a community of successful professionals. Join the community to grow and share knowledge by Connecting, reading and commenting on the Blog and follow Active Coaching Inc. on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Reach out at any time to discuss questions and the best way to work together.